Integra Consulting Group is a system integration and management consulting company, established in Perth, Western Australia in 1995. Since our formation, we have established a record of successful projects, and our growth has seen expansion in various markets in Australia and South East Asia.

With the expansion of our business operations, we intend to maintain our low-risk approach to our projects. We constantly assess market opportunities for likelihood of success. We believe that in today's highly competitive commercial environment we need to appreciate and respond to our client's needs with sensibility, flexibility, and responsibility.

Integra takes full responsibility for all aspects within a project for which we are responsible. We provide resources in structured teams or individually as required. We are committed to providing resources whose skills match the needs of the projects, and we are also committed to providing appropriate training to our consultants, as required, to keep their skill levels current.

Our strategy for achieving business success has been to stick to what we know best - delivery of information systems solutions. We are stringent in our opportunity assessment and we do not try to be "all things to all people". We know our strengths and limitations and we work within these operational boundaries to achieve success for ourselves and for our clients.

At Integra, we focus our marketing efforts towards the people who know us best, our past and current clients. From them we obtain repeat business, and often referral business, which we believe reflects a satisfied client. It is also from our client base that we make assessments of where the market direction is, and what the important IT issues are.

We also focus on our existing business partners with whom we work mutually in providing solutions to clients. Where it makes sense, we collaborate with other companies in providing solutions, which ensures a greater chance of success than if we tried to do it ourselves.

We recruit people who are successful in the local marketplace and can demonstrate a proud record of accomplishment. We also tap in to the network of new contacts that comes with every new person we recruit into Integra.

Our business strategy revolves around:
keeping abreast of market needs
sticking to our strengths
stringent opportunity assessment
partnering with other companies to jointly deliver solutions
using highly skilled professionals
networking with our client base for repeat and referral business
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