Information Technology is utilised within a company for only one reason - to make the business function more efficiently. Any money spent on IT is spent to solve business problems or to automate business processes.

Spending scarce budget dollars on expensive IT resources is pointless unless it is done within a global plan - an IT plan that forms a part of a complete business plan, and properly considers all of the relevant management, business process and technical issues. This is where one of Integra's experienced IT consultants can provide a significant benefit.

Integra has provided consultants to perform various tasks for organisations including Contingency Planning, Project Scheduling, Business Analysis, Business Process Re-engineering, Project Auditing and general IT Consulting. Many of our clients include:

Homeswest Rural Export and Trading (WA)
Government Employees Housing Authority Ministry of Fair Trading
Brambles Unisys Malaysia
WMC Resources HBO Cable - Singapore
Hamersley Iron Hong Leong Bank - Malaysia
Normandy Mining First Pacific Group - Hong Kong
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